Agency Services


  1. Client Services – We work with you to understand your vision and targets
  2. Media Strategy and Planning – Formulation of audience and channel strategy
  3. Campaign Setup, Management & Optimization – Dynamic budget allocation and bid optimisation
  4. Data Strategy –We are DMP agnostic and work with first and third party data
  5. Analysis and Reporting – Get access to our UI where you can track performance KPIs in real time

We work closely with our clients to understand your vision and goals and come up with creative and effective marketing strategies to maximise ROAS.

With Ardenode Media, you are in control. We are here to help you understand and create a cohesive customer journey, solidify your brand’s unique marketing message and discover the most powerful communication tools for your audience.

Each ad opportunity has value but we will uncover which spaces will have the most impact for your ongoing success. We use hyper targeted data audience segments to deliver your message across multiple platforms, publishers and devices simultaneously.

Display Ads

Rich Media

Video Ads

Connected TV Ads

Audio Ads

Native Ads

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