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About Us

Our two co-founders come from diverse professional backgrounds in the Music & Entertainment Industries.

Together their combined experience in Customer Relations, Digital Marketing Strategy and Advisory Services has provided a unique blend between the creative and strategic avenues.

Combining our creative, digital marketing minds with invaluable experience in advisory services and big data, Ardenode Media seeks to bring you innovative data solutions and visionary strategies.

Who We’ve Worked With

Publisher Services

Data-driven, hyper-targeted, media agency


  1. Direct Campaigns – Access premium relevant branded demand that engages your users
  2. Mediation Platform – Boost fill rate with a back fill of programmatic, curated marketplaces from some of the top platforms
  3. Brand Safety – Rest assured that all ads are vetted. Take control of how your ad renders
  4. On Time, Fast Payments – Fast and on time payments ranging from NET15 and NET45
  5. Transparent and Detailed Reporting – Get access to our Publisher UI and track your performance in real time
  6. Premium, Branded Advertisers – Pick and choose between over 500 household brands

The big bad world of programmatic advertising can be a difficult place to navigate. Choosing which ad server, video player, DMP and demand partner to work with, as well as keeping up with the latest trends can be a real challenge.

This is where we step in! At Ardenode Media, we understand the ecosystem and work with publishers of all sizes to tailor make technology and programmatic advertising solutions to improve efficiency and maximise yield. We are your one stop connection, linking you to all major programmatic platforms with access to high CPM, PMP and curated marketplace campaigns.

Display Ads

In App Video

In App Video

With Ardenode Media, you will get access to premium CPMs from some of the world’s largest brands. We match the ads so that they are contextually relevant which means users are more engaged, boosting user experience.

Ardenode Media works across all formats; including display, video and audio.

Agency Services


  1. Client Services – We work with you to understand your vision and targets
  2. Media Strategy and Planning – Formulation of audience and channel strategy
  3. Campaign Setup, Management & Optimization – Dynamic budget allocation and bid optimisation
  4. Data Strategy –We are DMP agnostic and work with first and third party data
  5. Analysis and Reporting – Get access to our UI where you can track performance KPIs in real time

We work closely with our clients to understand your vision and goals and come up with creative and effective marketing strategies to maximise ROAS.

With Ardenode Media, you are in control. We are here to help you understand and create a cohesive customer journey, solidify your brand’s unique marketing message and discover the most powerful communication tools for your audience.

Each ad opportunity has value but we will uncover which spaces will have the most impact for your ongoing success. We use hyper targeted data audience segments to deliver your message across multiple platforms, publishers and devices simultaneously.

Display Ads

Rich Media

Video Ads

Connected TV Ads

Audio Ads

Native Ads

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Ardenode Media is choosing the best for your business. Our hands-on, customer focused team have exclusive relationships with carefully selected sources and platforms, extensive knowledge of the online infrastructure and integrations with major DSPs.

Let us help you design your media strategy, set objectives and KPI’s, create full end-to-end media plans and work with you each step of the way to achieve your goals.

We provide multiple pricing options to suit your needs.

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